Creating a Romantic Garden Atmosphere

Published: 17th May 2011
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A garden can be many things it can be great fun for instance if you are playing football outside or throwing a ball for your dog, it can be relaxing if you want to lie in the sun and get a tan while reading a book, or it can be rewarding if you are green fingered and enjoy gardening and planting plants. But what a garden can also be to a very high degree, and what it often does not get enough credit for being is romantic. When you sit in a garden that is nicely kept by night under the stars, whether to eat a nice meal or just to enjoy each other's company, this is when your garden becomes a highly romantic place to hang out.

A garden is immediately a romantic place as long as its kept you are surrounded by beautiful things such as wildlife and flowers, your senses are filled with smells, and you have a cool breeze against you. If it's in the evening then a sunset or a sky full of stars can really finally set the scene. However all of this can really be maximised if you are savvy with your garden design and if you know how to use real stone tiles and other things in order to make the most of this space.

Using real stone tiles it is possible to create things like patio areas and garden paths and these can be used in order to create places that are more suited to standing or sitting. This might for instance mean using real stone tiles to make a square at the back of the garden where you can place tables and chairs. This will mean you have a flat surface where you can wear nice shoes and where a table won't rock around and spill your drink. This is what then creates a great spot for you to have a romantic meal by candlelight. If you decide to also use cobblestones or another more attractive form of flooring such as granite or sandstone you can make this look even more luxurious and attractive and make the whole area more romantic still like you've stepped into ancient Rome.

Alternatively if candlelight is a little too low budget for your sweeping romantic intentions, then perhaps a better option is to use an outdoor fireplace. This will create the same dancing, flickering light but on a larger scale, and at the same time it will be able to keep you warm enough to sit out there year round at any time of night. Why not snuggle up to your partner next to the fire and enjoy the warmth while looking up at the stars?

Other things can add to the environment if you want to go all out. For instance why not use attractive stone column blocks, or garden art, to make a more aesthetically beautiful scenery. Likewise ponds and fountains or even a sandstone pool can also add to the lighting as well as the sense of calm and serenity.

There are lots of things you can do with real stone tiles Sydney to improve the atmosphere of your garden. Follow the links for cobblestones Sydney and more.

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